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Evaluatie van de “Gender Responsive Governance” training 24 januari 2017

Content: How do you value the study visit to the “Father Centre”? Various 5,0 *The visit was very nice. The staff in father centre are very friendly and explains things clearly and in professional manner. *The facilitator guided as in a way that we understand what is being done in that place. The father centre  challenged me as it is the first place taking care of men i have ever seen *This was an eye opener. There is Always enough for everybody. This presented a case of gender in action, initially for the male folk and latter embracing the entire population. Love and solidarity at play. It was the best experience i ever hard. How these people were committed to help the underprivileged people and dedicated their time was something greater than my hand because we didn’t have such commitment back home, so i will really try to introduce  this idea to my people. *The visit was very good. It was very inspiring looking at people stand for each other and provide hope for the needy. It enabled me to see that poverty has different faces in different places. It was also striking to see that men also suffer and become vulnerable. * Enjoyed the visit a great deal. It opened my eyes to the aspect that everyone needs to be addressed while implementing Gender Mainstreaming. Loved the way everyone put in their time & effort in keeping the Father Centre running. The experience was invaluable and we are grateful that the facilitators so it worth to give us this exposure. It is prove that gender mainstreaming and inclusion works. *The visit was very moving as I learnt how an attitude of bun dance can impact a community and change people’s lives. It was amazing to see the commitment of the volunteers and their focus on providing life skills to vulnerable people
Presentation skills: How do you value the study visit to the “Father Centre”? 5,0




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